Our success story - why you can trust us

In 1965, senior partner Walter Lück was a master electrician who founded a small family company, which then went on to grow into an impressive medium-sized company under the management of his two sons Udo and Ingo Lück in the nineties.




Founder of the company - Walter Lück

More than 50 years of history - an exciting story

1965 Company founded by master electrician Walter Lück

1990 Foundation and expansion of Erfurt branch

1996 Certification of quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

1997 Setup of a new personnel services division

2003 Named as a Qualified Partner of Deutsche Telekom

2004 Conversion of the company building in  Lich-Langsdorf

2005 Change of name: Elektro LÜCK becomes LÜCK Gebäudetechnik

2006 Adjustment of the corporate designs in the individual group companies. The new slogan “All good. A stroke of LÜCK.” is introduced • VdS certification for  LÜCK Gebäudetechnik GmbH

2007 Opening of two new sites in Lich und Gießen • Integration of Albert PULTE GmbH & Co. KG, electrical engineering, in Montabaur • Foundation of LÜCK Personalmanagement GmbH

2009 Construction of a new logistics building at the Lich-Langsdorf site

2012 LÜCK group and HANNOVER Finanz become partners

2013 Opening of the Cologne / Lohmar site

2014 Integration of Ch. Nuhn GmbH Elektrotechnik from Worms • Ch. Nuhn GmbH changes its name to NUHN Gebäudetechnik GmbH.

2014 Integration of Elektro BUCHMANN GmbH from Losheim am See • Opening of a new site in Stuttgart

2016 Opening of new sites in Illingen and Kaiserslautern

2017 LÜCK group will be a part of SPIE group of companies