Technical building management

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The technical building management division covers all services required for the operation and management of systems within a building. We support our customers throughout the life cycle of the building on questions of maintenance, operation and revitalisation of empty spaces. The aim of this division is to recognise and highlight potential energy savings in order to be able to utilise them better.
As a certified specialist company, we handle both all route maintenance and inspection work and any faults which occur in technical systems. It makes no difference whether the heating system is faulty or whether your complicated switchgear and safety components need checking.
When revitalising buildings, it is primarily a question of removing spaces that are empty because of a lack of functionality or substance and bringing new life to the building. As part of a company group with comprehensive expertise in all areas of buildings engineering, we are happy to take on the challenge of adapting unused resources to the challenges of new uses and extending them. 


Facility management We are your point of contact for all services relating to your building and properties.




Our range of services:

  • Maintenance (servicing, maintenance, repairs, improvements)
  • Operational management
  • Revitalisation of empty spaces

We are...

... member of GEFMA


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